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".....it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish." (Matthew 18:14)


                                        Teacher Supply List

                          Mrs. Stroud's classroom supply list 2013-2014

Each Child:                                                                            Kindergarten Students:

2)Boxes 24 count Crayola crayons (no twist up)    3)Boxes of Kleenex

6)Number 2 pencils (sharpened)                              1)Box small tip washable markers                                                                                                       

1)Pair of safety scissors                                            1)Box of baby wipes   

1)Bottle of Elmers Glue                                             1)Box of black dry erase markers

2)Tubes of stick glue                                                  1)Box of sandwich Ziploc bags

1)Small pencil box                                                      2)Rolls of Scotch tape

1)Book bag (No Rolling Bags)                  2)Bic white out tape

1)Lunch box

1)1 1/2 inch solid color 3 ring binder

1)70 page spiral notebook

1)Ream of white copier paper


1st Grade Students:

1)Box of gallon Ziploc bags

2)Bottles of hand sanitizer

1)Package of loose leaf notebook paper(wide ruled)

3)Rolls of paper towels

1)Box of band-aids

1)Box of large tip washable markers

1)package of napkins

         *Kindergarten Students Only(Plastic Nap Mat and Towel)

Other items that would be helpful(optional):

packages of non-edible prizes for the prize box

brightly colored dry erase markers

colored pencils



watercolor paints


hot wheels/matchbox cars

large dinosaurs

outdoor bouncy balls

hula hoops

sidewalk chalk

coloring books


                        Ms. Renich's Second/Third Grade Supply Lists 2013-2014


12 )  #2 pencils (no mechanicals)

3) Magic rub erasers

1) Box of colored pencils

16 or 24) Count box of crayons (optional)

Washable colored markers (optional)

School scissors

Glue sticks(we use a lot of these during the school year)

1) Bottle of white glue

1) Ruler with centimeters and millimeters

2" 3ring binder with 8 divider tabs

3) Reams of white copier paper

1) Ream of colored copy paper (any color)

1) Package of heavy construction paper

1) Box of quart sized zipper bags

2) Rolls of paper towels

Large bottle of hand sanitizer

KJV Bible (King James Version only)

Book bag (NO WHEELS)

Lunch bag

2) Boxes of tissues

1) Large used shirt to be used as a smock in art class(a large T-shirt is best)

1 or 2) Plastic pencil boxes to keep pencils and markers in

1) Package of baby wipes

1) Box of band-aids

1) Package of napkins


                        Ms. Leah Stroud's Class Supply List 2013-2014

                                   Middle School and High School

1)24 pack of #2 pencils

1)Small pencil box or bag

1)Lunch Box


2)Reams of white copy paper

3)Boxes of Kleenex

2)Boxes of dry erase markers (black or colored)

2)Bic white out tape

2)Bottles of hand sanitizer

3)Rolls of paper towels

1)Package of napkins

2)Rolls of masking tape

1)Pack of white sticky tack

1)Pack of file folders


                           Other items that would be helpful(optional)


Soccer Ball

Jump Ropes


File Folder Labels

Board Games (for rainy days)

Marbles (my reward system)




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